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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our quiver is full...no, REALLY....

As you can see from the photos, we're having fun in the midst of the craziness of: adjusting to being a family of 6, having 2 children who don't speak English but love life anyway, homeschooling 3 1/2 kids, and falling on the couch in exhaustion when they're all in bed! I'll try to write more specifics later, but mainly wanted to share some photos!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Seeing Samuel and Savanna for the 1st time

Couldn't really upload videos while in Africa due to slow Internet connections, but here's a video I took as Samuel and Savanna arrived to meet us for the 1st time...

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Verse 1: The Whole World
Verse 2: Mama and Papa
Verse 3: Jar Jar Binks (yes, from Star Wars...Silas got them on this verse).
We are so talented.

Monday, February 8, 2010

we are home!!!

Praise God, we're home! Yesterday was our first full day home, and I thought the kids did exceptionally well adjusting to time zone, our home, new rules, etc. The trip home was very tiring, but we lived through it and now can begin our new life here with four children, ages 3, 4, 5, and almost 8! Our biggest hurdle so far has been Eli, our extrememly docile, old dog. But for Samuel, there may as well be a large roaring lion in the house! We sent the dog away the first night, but brought him back yesterday for the kids to go ahead and get used to. They have made much improvement, but still, if Samuel hasn't seen the dog in a while and kind of forgets he's here, he goes crazy when Eli appears (we're not just talking about a little crying, but paniced yelling, flailing, screaming, etc.). We saw imrpovement yesterday, so please pray that we will continue to be patient as he learns to coexist with an animal. If this is the biggest issue we have to deal with, I really can't complain!

We took the 3 younger kids to play in the snow today and they had a ball! Samuel and Savanna are always up to trying new things and seem to thrive on every new experience they have! (except, of course, owning a dog). Just getting them dressed is hilarious because they giggle with hearty laughter at the practice of putting on new pants, socks, shirts, etc! We are having to really work on teaching them to be "calm", quiet, etc., do sitting down activities that we take for granted with our other children (like sitting down while we read a - they are so figgety and not used to sitting for any length of time and focusing on something). But this too shall pass. Yesterday they worked puzzles and we read a few books to them. Progress already.

When will I homeschool the older two? not a clue! But again, the progress I've seen in the last 2 weeks has been amazing, so I'm hoping to use this week to teach them some independent skills, and thanking God that they both at least still take a nap each day! (so don't call between 1 and 3, I'll actually be accomplishing something! ha! ha!)

Please pray for Art as he goes back to work tomorrow. He'll have quite a lot of catch up to do, and we are all still adjusting to the time zone change. This morning at 3am we locked ourselves out of our bedroom (trying to keep the dog secured) and had to take the door handle mechanism off to get back in. Just another adventure that we'll be able to laugh about in days to come!! Again, if this is the most we'll have to deal with, I really can't complain!

Sorry we did not update much (at all?) the last week of our trip - we did not have free internet in the room, and it was a crazy week! Suffice it to say the children made great strides in language and adjusting to us as parents. They are both extrememely happy kids (who now seem to love BOTH of their parents!) and we are so thankful for all that God has done and is doing in our family! Keep us in your prayers, and we'll try to update again soon!