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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back in NM from NC

We're back at Glorieta. We had a wonderful time in Western North Carolina and were able to catch up with many friends and see some family as well. Travel was long but went very smoothly both ways. Shelly made it to part of a choir practice and helped lead worship at Biltmore Baptist one Sunday. Art got a lot of work done reviewing bids for the upcoming food contract at Glorieta. Silas had an amazing time at Camp Ridgecrest. Josiah enjoyed the freedom of being off oxygen, even for several of the nights (this has never happened before). All in all, a wonderful trip. Special thanks to the Andrews family for letting us invade their home for such an extended period of time, and to the Pownalls for hosting us the 1st night.

No updates on the adoption front, although we continue to closely watch the progress of several families ahead of us in the process. We've been given a tentative date of the last week in September for Josiah's trip to Cincinnati, but that's not definite yet. It's likely Art and Shelly will accompany him, while Silas hangs out with Mamoo and Papa B in Colorado. Speaking of them, Shelly and the boys leave Tuesday for several days at the Butler ranch and will even get to see Uncle Al and Aunt Chabba for part of the time.

Thanks for checking in on us!

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