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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

S & S's first July 4th! They're not technically U.S. citizens yet, but sure had a great time celebrating and watching the fireworks!


  1. Hey lost your email: you don't have to publish this but I wanted to get this to you today. I am having an adoption tea here Saturday. All of the people that RSVPed have adopted older children so we are going to follow the Lords lead and discuss topics on attachment/bonding and other issues that come up when adopting an older child. Just wanted you to know!!


  2. SHOOT! this is what happens when I don't check blogs often enough! We were just back home for a visit with the fam and were actually in Goodlettsville/Hendersonville several times and I would have LOVE LOVE LOVED to come see yall or meet you at chick fil a or SOMETHING! I don't know if you knew steve was the youth pastor at FBCG before he became a chaplain. So we still have loads of friends in that area. Now we can add a couple more to the list! Maybe we can see yall next summer. big hugs to the now bigger snead family!!
    dd barfield