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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An anniversary trip to....Uganda....

So it won't exactly be an Alaskan cruise or Hawaiian vacation, but Art and I will be spending our 17th wedding anniversary in Uganda this year....  And we couldn't be happier about it!

I know, I know, I haven't posted on our blog in over a year.....

what can I say?....I 've been incredibly busy on pinterest with my 4 amazing kids and  talented hubby!

Anyway, thanks for checking back in!  We, along with 13 other team members from Long Hollow Baptist in Hendersonville, TN, will be leaving this Saturday  for a 10-day trip to love on some orphans, elderly, and anyone else God puts in our path!  Forty-nine percent of Uganda's population is under the age of 15.....there are 2,500,000 orphans there!  We will be focusing on 2 orphanages that our church has help build/fund, playing with the kids, giving the "mama's" a break, blessing them with lots of diapers/wipes/formula, and best of all, letting them know with our words and actions that they can be part of an amazing family with a loving, heavenly Father who knows their name and loves them infinitely!  I am so pumped! 

We'll also be bringing mosquito nets for the elderly, gifts for the "mama's", and encouraging the American family that lives there full-time, ministering God's grace to these precious people. 

We would LOVE for you to lift us up in prayer as we seek to meet needs, share love and tell others about the Savior who made a way for them to know peace, joy, forgiveness and abundant life!
Some specifics are:
* unity among our group
* safety in our travels, activities, etc.
* our 4 kiddos and their Nana - She is taking them to her house in Florida the entire time we are gone
* our health
* boldness and clarity to communicate God's Word and his love
* patience.....

Most likely there will be no posts while on the trip, as our location will be pretty remote....there will likely be no showers, power, or quick trips to Mickey D's (I know some of you are wondering how I will make it.....without the latter....hence the petition for your prayers....), but we'll tell you all about it upon our return (or next year when I post again...)  Thanks for your prayers and love!

Many Blessings,


  1. That's a great anniversary trip! Why see the beauty of Alaska or the Carribean from a boat when you can delight in God's glory as He shows it in, to , and through you in Uganda. His glory is much more beautiful then a view from a boat.. Have a great time delighting in Him and in each other!

  2. I will pray that you have a great time in all the ways you are hoping to.

  3. You guys are so awesome! You'll definitely be in my prayers...and please don't wait a year to post your trip update! :)