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Friday, February 1, 2013

So, it's been a long time since our last blog post...well, at least when we post there's big news!

The next stage in our SneAdventure will involve moving from our TN home back to the Asheville, NC area!  God has opened some doors and we feel this is where He's leading us next.  As far as timing goes, that's not finalized at this point, but we anticipate making the move sometime this summer (due to school year, selling our home, finding our next home, and all of the other craziness of our lives right now).  Art will still be with LifeWay and will work even more closely with the conference center and camps there in a CFO role.  Several of his co-workers in LifeWay's Camps and Conference Centers Department will also be making the move over the next year or so.

the "twins" 
                               family b-ball in the back yard...

silly Savanna 

How do we feel?  Having lived in (and loved) the Asheville area for 10+ years prior to moving to NM, it feels like we're going home to an area and friends we miss and love, and we're excited about that.  However, the hard (very hard) part is that we feel like we're leaving home to go there.  We've been in TN for less than 3 years, but we have been blessed beyond measure by our friends, Long Hollow Baptist church, small group, and so many other people and things in the Nashville area.  Even with a great opportunity available in Western NC, our love for our friends and church here made the decision to go very, very difficult.
Some other things you might want to know:
- Josiah has visited the Asheville area recently and his health handled it very well...obviously this was a key consideration!
- While our kids are all handling it well, the news was harder for Silas, who has had so many great opportunities and friends here.  He's o.k now, but please pray for all of us through the transition! 
- Where in Asheville area will we live?  Probably east or south, but we don't yet know for sure.

Silas with some Long Hollow buds

Well, that's it for now!  As we go through the transition, we'll try to do a better job keeping you updated on this blog.  However, as parents with 4 kids we often find it easier to provide Twitter (@artsnead and @shellysnead) and Facebook updates more often than the blog, so you might want to follow us on those networks.  Thanks!

Art Snead
2 Timothy 1:7

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  1. Wow! Big news for the Sneads indeed! I've only just recently met you officially, but I've watched you from afar for a while, marveling at the love you have for one another, for others, and most importantly, for the LORD. God bless you in your next, big, SNEADVENTURE!