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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dossier in Rwanda (technically)

We've been tracking our dossier and it's in Kigali, Rwanda. However, although it was scheduled to be delivered to the Ministry yesterday, there's a "delivery exception" showing a request that the delivery be delayed (not sure what that's about), so now it's showing it should be delivered on Monday.
One of the reasons we started a blog was how much we've learned from reading the blogs of other families who are adopting or have adopted from Rwanda. One such family is the Higgins family (check them out at www.room4more.blogspot.com), who've been of particular interest to us as they are ahead of us in the process and are hoping to adopt 2 children. GREAT NEWS: They received their referral for 2 little boys this week. The boys aren't biologically related (initially siblings were thought to be a requirement for multiple adoptions from Rwanda, but we've now learned that's not the case...again, adoption from Rwanda is still so relatively new there's a lot of learning in the process), and they are 33 months and 17 months old. We're very excited for the Higgins, and we're excited because this is the 1st case of a multi-child adoption from Rwanda that we've heard of, which gives us some hope as we move forward.
In other family news, all four of us will be travelling to Asheville, NC at the end of July. The primary purposes for our trip are to take Silas to starter camp, followup on a recommendation from one of Josiah's doctors that we take him to lower altitude and see how he functions, and to see friends and family. After struggling to find affordable tickets, we were able to utilize our miles so that we're all 4 flying for $400. Still no word on an appointment in Cincinnati...hopefully we'll hear from them soon.

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  1. Shelly- Will I get to hear you sing while you are here? I am missing your voice, I lost the CD that Carl made me! I would love to have you (and Susan) piped into my house at all times. But I don't think that is possible. :) Hope to see you when you are visiting.