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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family Update

Special thanks to Robert for helping us figure out some blog template and design basics. As for our family, we're doing very well. Silas will head to starter camp at Ridgecrest the 1st week of August. Shelly and Josiah will travel with him to spend time with friends in Asheville, NC, and to see how Josiah's oxygen needs adjust at a lower altitude. We have not yet received specific dates for Josiah's trip to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, but Shelly was told last week they're currently scheduling for September/October. We're hoping to get in before then, but God's timing will be the best (and it has allowed Silas to attend starter camp). On the adoption front, during the past few weeks we've re-done some of our documents to make it more clear that we want to adopt two children from Rwanda. Since adoption from Rwanda is still a relatively new process, we (and our agency) continue to learn things as we proceed. At this point, our completed dossier should be sent to Rwanda in the next week or so. After that, we're probably looking at several months of waiting...and waiting...not really looking forward to that, but we know it's likely and necessary. THANKS FOR CHECKING IN ON US!

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