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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missing the family

Shelly and the boys went to visit Mamoo and Papa B in Colorado yesterday, and they won't return until Tuesday. I wish I could've joined them, but we're hosting the Baptist State Convention of New Mexico starting Monday, and I needed to be around for this event. It was strange attending church without them this morning, and I fielded lots of "Where is your family?" inquiries while there.
However, I did get some shopping done...not something I typically do much of, but I bought a king-size electric blanket for our bed (Shelly is excited) as well as Josiah's birthday present...got to keep the latter a secret, but it's something the entire family is going to enjoy and hopefully something he can take to Cincinnati to help pass the time while he's in the hospital. His birthday is November 7th.
I know my family is having a great time but I sure do miss them. Am trying to get a lot done while they're gone!

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