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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are here!

Like the "Who's" in Who-ville (Dr. Seuss), we feel like shouting "WE ARE HERE!"
Still have many boxes to unpack and "junk" to sort, but have been enjoying the warmth of the climate and the people here in Nashville, TN for one week now! The kids have been swimming in the neighborhood pool everyday, attending VBS at a local church (Longhollow), and hanging out with their Uncle Jonathon and cousin Samantha who came for a few days to visit!
The first couple of days at the pool, I thought I would never be able to take all four of them by myself (Samuel and Savanna's fearlessness + their complete inability to swim = disaster!!!). But now after 5 or 6 days, they are both swimming underwater and having a ball! It's been amazing to watch them - especially Savanna who apparantly is a little "water bug"!
We certainly miss all of our friends and "family" in the Southwest, but Josiah has not worn oxygen ONCE since leaving the Sangre de Cristo mountains which were our home for the last 3 1/2 years, so we know the decision to move was definitely the RIGHT one. Silas came home from VBS the first day saying "I've met my new best friend", and they have all been calling the church we have visited here once "our new church".....all in all, everyone is doing well. Art is adjusting to work here, although putting in some long hours to catch up from the move and anticipating a little vacation we're taking this weekend to the beach with my side of the family.
Unfortunately we don't have internet hooked up yet so I'm writing this from Chick-fil-a while the kids are going wild....I'll try to post some new photos of my "swimmers" this weekend from the beach!.... thanks for checking in and thanks most of all for your prayers during this time of transition for us!


  1. Welcome to Nashville! Are you in H'ville? We just started going to Long Hollow two weeks ago and really like it so far. There are a LOT of adoptive families there too! Let me know if you need any local tips on anything! (schools, banks, food, etc etc!!) Welcome to the 'hood!

  2. Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the BBQ last week. My mom and dad loved meeting you. I hear VBS is so much fun - wish I was there with you. Josiah - no worries buddy - we will tear up some Wii in August...but only on a Thursday.

  3. Hello! I met your sweet boys today at Long Hollow. I am teaching this year just down the hall from them. I have a little boy from Ethiopia so I am drawn to children that look like they may be from Africa. I am a big blogger so I looked up your last name and found your blog. We have friends at Long Hollow adopting from Rwanda now. We have about 5 families in process to adopt from Ethiopia. God is moving big time at Long Hollow. Would love to meet you! I am teaching in the corner room just about 3 or 4 rooms down from your boys. By the way my name is Tracy Cornett :)

  4. Hi Shelley-- I'm Tracy and I organize the African Fellowship Group. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I can add you to the email list for updates. Just send me your email--mihnovich@aol.com

    Welcome to Nashville! Your family is beautiful! :)