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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Really LONG road trip!

We have not dropped off the face of the earth.... just dropped off the face of the computer for a few days! (little time or access to on-line). But we're having many fun adventures along the way to Nashville, TN, where Art and Silas are waiting for us (and the moving truck) at our new home! (The truck will not arrive with our things until Tuesday, so the 3 younger kids, myself and my mom made a detour to my hometown of Auburn, AL for a few days).

I'll try to post some photos later, but we've made stops at Cadillac Ranch, many McDonald's playgrounds, Holiday Inn Expresses, and a water park to name a few. We have currently taken over a friend's home in Auburn until Monday afternoon when we'll re-load the car and head for Nashville.

Please pray for Savanna, who has had a cold and is having a rough few days of crying, clinging and overall frustration..... Everyone else is holding up, and we'll keep you posted as we can!

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  1. Shelly- My family and I were in Auburn this past Friday and Saturday. I hate that we missed each other. Hopefully we can meet up some time soon. I would love to hear how things have been for you guys over the years. We're over in Griffin, GA where Thomas is pastor of a church. We're still getting settled but enjoying it. Tell Nelda I said "hey". Enjoy the rest of the drive:)
    Tricia Hill