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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day...let's try again tomorrow!

I was all geared up yesterday for the glorious post I wrould write on this one day of the year that honors the contributions and superpowers of me, the mom. Now, I'm glad I read J.B.'s post first so that I'm not alone in thinking I'd really rather try this again another day. This one has gone down the tubes. But I still wouldn't trade being a mother to these four precious children...

One of which now has scabs and sores forming around his ears where his oxygen tubing is rubbing him....(Hence, the attractive "cotton dressings" sticking up over his ears in the photo...) We can't get to Nashville soon enough!

The other middle child, Samuel, has a fever of over 103 - not sure any of my kids have ever had a fever that high.

The response of Savanna, the 3 year old little sis, "Savanna hurt. Savanna medicine.".... The response of Josiah, the 5 year old brother who's issues of his own seem to have made him apathetic, not sympathetic, "hmmmm..... I'm going to play trains.".

Then, there's the unprompted response of Silas, the oldest brother who immediately went and drew a get-well card for Samuel (even writing the "kenyirwandan" phrase for "I love you" on it), who then proceeded to tape pom poms on his face, put on a costume and juggle underwear to try to entertain Samuel (...who fell asleep during the "exhibit"). "A" for effort Silas....you might have just saved Mother's Day!

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  1. Silas is too cute! What a sweet brother. Hope round 2 of your Mother's Day is wonderful!