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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cincinnati Plans in Motion

Our insurance company made travel plans for Shelly and Josiah today, and Art is looking (and hoping) to get the same flights at a reasonable cost. We'll travel to Cincinnati on Sunday, 9/27 and return on Thursday, October 1 (Josiah has a morning appointment this day but we should be done and to the Cincinnati airport by mid-afternoon). Silas will spend the week with Mamoo and Papa B in Colorado, and he's really looking forward to that! While in Cincinnati, we're hoping to take Josiah to the zoo (it's supposed to be a great one) and possibly even to the final Cincinnati Reds game of the season (they're playing the Cardinals).

We received such a blessing from our church last week. Scooter Franks (head of our church's prayer ministry) came to our home to anoint Josiah with oil and pray for our trip. Since he and his wife used to live in Cincinnati, they've been so helpful as we've planned our trip (it looks like we'll be staying at the home of some friends of theirs while we're there). During our meeting, Scooter gave us a check from the church and a couple of families to help us with our trip expenses...he began crying when he gave it to us as he exclaimed "This is what the body of Christ is all about!" He has such a heart for prayer and the fellowship of believers, and we're so thankful for the gift, Scooter's visit to our home and assistance in planning our trip, and our church family.

No news on the adoption front yet...we continue to pray for our "baby sisters" at meals and other times, and we often find ourselves thinking about what they're doing. A family whose blog we've been following is in Rwanda picking up their 2 boys right now, and we're eager for the day when that's what we're doing. In the meantime, we're trying to prepare for life with 6 Sneads...look out world! Shelly is searching for just the right bedroom theme (African, of course), Art is trying to sell his truck and get another truck with 6 seat belts, the boys are busy messing up (and cleaning up) their sisters' room...

Silas and Josiah begin soccer practice this week. It will be Silas' 4th season and Josiah's 1st...we're not exactly sure how Josiah will do but he wants to try and his team will be coached by a man in our church, so we're giving it a shot. Art took Silas and Josiah (and oxygen tanks) camping last Friday night, and it meant so much to Josiah that he was able to be included in the "Snead Men's Outing" and his 1st campout. Dad didn't get much sleep, but it was worth it.

We're entering fall at Glorieta, which is probably the most beautiful time of year in this wonderful place where we live. Come visit!

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