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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Great Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we've had. Saturday morning both boys had soccer games. It's Silas' 4th season, and he seemed to "get it" much more than he has in the past. He actually scored the 1st goal of the season, he used skills like dribbling, he played hard the entire game, and he was a great sport! He had so much fun.

It was Josiah's 1st soccer game. Even when on the field, he mostly watched what was going on, didn't mind at all when it was his time to take a break and sit on the sideline, asked "How much longer" about 5 minutes after the game BEGAN, etc. When I asked him if he'd kick one for me, he said "I will, I promise", ran over and kicked the ball, and then resumed his stance of standing and watching (as if he'd kept his word and could now go back to just watching). He also picked a flower and gave it to his coach. What a difference between 4 yrs. old and 7 yrs. old, but it was great to see him in his soccer uniform and run around some.

Today we hiked up Canoncito Canyon. We did the same hike last fall, but this time was much different. Silas and I took Josiah with us as we scaled the steep rocks up the side of the canyon (last year Josiah sat at the bottom with his mom). Just like camping last weekend, Josiah loved being able to go with the "big boys" on this adventure.

Two weeks from today we'll travel to Cincinnati, and we continue to hope and pray for answers to what are the options for Josiah. Please join us in these prayers as God brings us to your mind. Thanks!

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