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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Families in Rwanda

Currently there are 3 families in Rwanda picking up their children. I've been monitoring their progress (and at times, lack of progress) on blogs and a Yahoo group I'm now a part of. It has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for them, complete with numerous dead-ends followed by numerous ways God has worked to get them past those dead-ends. They have their children and are near the end of their time in Africa, but are still facing some obstacles before they can bring their children home.
We've heard that there are always unexpected challenges when involved in international adoption...even more so in Africa...even more so with a program that is as new as Rwanda's (when the 3 families currently in Rwanda return, that will make only 9 families total who have adopted from Rwanda with our agency). Although we've already experienced some of that, there's no doubt there will be more as we travel. Even though we haven't traveled yet, it's easy to understand that the unexpected issues for which we can't plan ahead will test my faith and patience, as I'm an analytical thinker who usually operates with the belief that sufficient planning can prevent almost any unexpected issues...how wrong that is with adoption from Rwanda AND WITH LIFE IN GENERAL. Perhaps God will use this experience to (again) teach that lesson to me. Hopefully I'll be a quick learner, but based on my track record that doesn't seem incredibly likely.
Now that we're past the paper-chasing stage (when we were more actively involved in the adoption process on an almost daily basis), there are times it feels like actually getting our kids seems so far away. And yet we hope for it daily and pray for our girls...we don't know anything about them regarding ages, names, backgrounds, etc. as we haven't been matched yet, and yet we feel in our hearts as though we're already the parents of 4! We talk about our "baby sisters" with Silas and Josiah, and it's amazing to hear the boys pray for them. Following what's happening with the families currently in Rwanda picking up their children brings such hope for the day we will be there.

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  1. Loved seeing your blog and catching up on all the details of the adoption process. We are so excited for you all and will be praying for the girls, as well as your week in Cincinnati w/ Josiah.