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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One worn out family!

sorry no post last night - we were all in bed and pretty much asleep by 8:30pm. I'm falling asleep right now, so this will be short! Thanks for continued prayers! We saw many baby steps today, but also larger challenges in dealing with language barrier, fear, correction, etc. Savanna Imelda is slowly coming out of her shell - many smiles today (mommy even got to see a few). She still only prefers daddy - had a major meltdown on the bus when he went inside immigration office and she had to stay with mommy and siblings. Samuel seems to be prefering mommy and this point (possibly because Savanna is attached to daddy like another appendage?) Savanna has started repeating some English words for us, and has learned to give daddy a "look" when she needs to potty! (BIG steps!) They are both EXTREMELY active and remind me of 2 year olds as far as "getting into everything" goes! Whew! have we got our work cut out for us! This is partly because of all the new sights, smells, sounds, experiences they are getting. We hope that coming home will help with control and consistency.

All of the paperwork is finished! Spent most of today in Immigration office, US Embassy, and Rwandan Ministry of Family and Children...at least the US Embassy was air conditioned! Tomorrow will be a "free" morning, then lunch, then a tour of their orphanage during the late afternoon.

Again, sorry for no photos and less detail, but I need sleep!

Samuel and Savanna LOVE socks! Samuel laughed hysterically when we put them on, he was so excited!

Samuel is incredibly talented at anything to do with a ball - kicking, throwing, catching, etc.

Savanna loves chocolate sauce. (who wouldn't?) and stickers.

Again, sorry for no photos and less detail, but I need sleep!

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  1. THANK YOU so much for the update Shelly! We check WAY too many times each day. We have been praying like crazy for you (even in the dentist chair yesterday--praying for you helped distract me from my discomfort). So neat to hear about the baby steps! I just KNOW coming home will help them so much and give them safe boundaries to explore and learn and grow within! And Samuel just may want to join PE in the Spring. We good use some good athletic examples in that age group! Won't he love that his new house overlooks a big ball field!!! Can't wait to hear more updates and see more photos. Hang in there! And don't think too far ahead with the challenges. God's grace is for TODAY.