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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Sneads: Officially a Family of 6!

For those of you that haven't been keeping up to date with Josiah's CaringBridge site, he and Shelly left Cincinnati and came home last night. Although they missed their connection in Salt Lake City due to weather delays, they arrived in ABQ at 9:30 PM and we arrived home around 11 PM. Once we put the boys in bed, I checked my Blackberry and...suddenly we were officially a family of six (God's timing can be a bit unnerving occasionally, but is truly best)! There was an email from our Rwandan power of attorney stating that we got a favorable court ruling, and two kids from Rwanda are now officially Sneads...so, here are the introductions:

Samuel (his given name) is almost 4 1/2...our POA says he doesn't like to have his picture taken, hence his serious look in all the pictures we've received.

Savanna (not her given name) just turned 3 at the end of November...based on measurements we've received, she's actually taller and weighs more than Samuel at this point. Both of them are similar in size to Josiah. It's likely neither speak any English, so we've been learning some Kinyarwanda phrases and wishing (for the 1st time in our lives) that we'd paid more attention in French class in high school and college.

Samuel and Savanna are not biological siblings, but they are from the same orphanage, and our POA says they now know they are siblings.

Shelly, Silas and I leave on Wednesday, January 20th to go get them. We'll fly through Dubai and Nairobi on our way to Kigali, Rwanda. After a week in Kigali, we'll return to Nairobi for 5 days (hopefully no more than that) to obtain visas for the kids before returning to U.S. (again, though Dubai) and hopefully reaching New Mexico the evening of Saturday, February 6 (although our return schedule is pretty tight, so if there are any delays it's possible we won't make it home until Sunday, 2/7). Josiah will stay with his Nana at our home in NM, with a quick checkup trip to Cincinnati mixed in.

We're so excited and blessed to now be a family of six...hang on, Samuel and Savanna, we're coming soon!


  1. We are SO thrilled for you all!! We know this will be amazing...Africa is awesome!!!! We will be praying for your journey.
    Jay and frances and the girls

  2. I just wrote an entire message that was deleted.... AS I was saying, this brings back memories of when we first saw pix of the Comptons' boys (now totally indoctrinated into American culture & family life, loving it). One boy smiled in his pictures, and the other boy looked dour & miserable. He is now SUCH a cute, smiley, happy boy, we can't believe it. I CAN'T WAIT for you to get Samuel home & smiling. And Savanna looks like FUN!!!! Keep us posted. We love you guys. ALL of you!

  3. Congratulations guys! What timing God has! He always knows best. It is so cool to watch you go through this whole process. Thomas and I also have it on our hearts to adopt. It will be nice to know a family that has already gone through the process and can give us some advice! I can't wait to meet Savanna and Samuel! They are soooo cute!

  4. so excited to see the way the LORD is continuing to work in your family! rejoicing that josiah is home and seems to be adjusting! how awesome that you got the news just as your family of 4 got back together!! can't wait to see the huge smiles from all the sneads when you are all 6 together!!! love you guys!!

  5. Oh my goodness, aren't they the most beautiful things you've ever seen?!?!?!?! I'm so excited for your family, and I know God will continue to hold you in His hand. He has been more than faithful, and I can't wait to hear what special blessings He has in store for you over the next few weeks - blessings beyond what we can already imagine! Adoption holds a special place in my heart and my life, and I am so proud every time God brings a family together through adoption. God bless you all!

  6. I'm so excited for your family!!!! Such an amazing story of God's timing and providence. I can't wait to hear more about the kids and see pictures of them together with the whole family :)

  7. The Hackers posted of your good news and today we are joining in your celebration! Safe travels!