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Thursday, January 28, 2010

this will be quick because i MUST go to bed! Today might have been our best day yet in terms of steps taken with our kids. I see that Art went really "easy" on me in his last post when he shared how Savanna preferred him over me. The truth is, she would completely lose it when Art left her with me, screaming, etc. (One afternoon I was carrying her during one of those times, and she was even reaching out to total strangers in a "please take me" position!) But today when Art, Samuel and Silas left for Giterama, she cried, but then began to calm herself much more quickly. She only cried once or twice after that, asking the bus driver 'where is my father?', but really had a great day. She took a nap for me, and even took 2 walks with me WITHOUT Art when he got home. The biggest step of all - she let me tickle her and laughed for me/with me.

So, maybe I did give her 5 packs of fruit snacks during our shopping trip and let her eat french fries and a milkshake for lunch....whatever works at this point!

Art and the boys had an AMAZING day at the project and home of our compassion child. I'll let him fill in the details for you later, but it was an incredible experience, and we now know first-hand what an incredible organization Compassion International is in making a major difference in entire families around the world. I'll try to post some photos before drifting off..thanks again for all the prayers - keep 'em comin'!


  1. Love that laughing smile!!! Such a delight to see. Keep on keeping on Snead Family! These 2 children may not have made you 'big and pregnant,' Shelly, but this is the 'labor.' Long, deep breaths, my friend : )

  2. Grace preferred Ryan while in Rwanda as well. She has come around to liking me but when Papa is in the room she is all his! Our social worker came for our first post placement visit said to expect this to stay the same until she has been with us in weeks as long as she was without us in months. So Grace was without us 31 months. So figure in 7 months (31 weeks) she will grow to preferring us both. I don't want to scare you...Grace and I have a great relationship. She just bonded to papa first!

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  4. Hang in there Shelly! It will take time. Good thinking on the bribing with sweets though! We are continuing to pray for you guys.