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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Big Turnaround (yes, that's a pun with the picture below)

Josiah's turnaround from yesterday at noon until today has been awesome. A great night last night, and a great day today. Although we've not been told anything official, we believe they'll move us out of PICU and back to the airway section of this floor if he has another good night tonight (and we're off to a great start so far). Josiah's attitude was so good today...lot
s of smiles, patience when we told him (multiple times) he couldn't go to the playroom today (not allowed for PICU patients), enjoyed movies, and playing in bed with trains/trucks, ...he is currently in one of his favorite sleeping positions (see included picture): lying on his chest, legs crossed Indian style with his butt sticking straight into the air to greet any medical staff who enter the room...even when he's asleep, he's clearly making his feelings known...

Got a visit from a former player (Melinda R.) today...was great to see her and really appreciated her coming by...nice to see a familiar face! She's in physical therapy school at UK and doing very well.

Hope to find out tomorrow morning that they're moving us out of PICU and whether they'll move up his next bronch or keep scheduled on Wednesday AM as originally planned. We're still hoping to be out of the hospital as early as Wed. (although Josiah and Shelly will have to stay in Cincy area another week) so we can take him to the Christmas lights program at the zoo Wednesday night...that would be an awesome way to spend his 1st night out of the hospital...we'll see!

Please forgive the short update, but it's late! Hopefully Shelly's already asleep, and I hope to drift off soon as well. Thanks for checking on us!

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