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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Familiar Faces, Bronch Tomorrow

An eventful day for Josiah (in a good way)...Shelly is already asleep at RMH so I (Art) will try to fill you in before I pull out the chair and try to get some rest.

We had visits from two familiar and friendly faces today. First, Mr. Byron Hill drove up from Nashville last night and visited us this morning. He brought two puzzles (Toy Story and Spiderman) which Josiah loved...he finished the Toy Story one late this morning. We hung out in Josiah's room for a while and then showed him the play room (one of Josiah's favorite places on Earth). Then, Ms. Melanie Calceterra (a friend of Dad's from both high school and college) came to visit. She lives north of Cincinnati with her family now, and she met us for lunch one day during our September trip here. Her kids (who couldn't come due to visitation restrictions at the hospital) sent Josiah several gifts, including a Webkin dog that Josiah named "Snow" and a "Create Your Own Popup Book" set with stickers, markers, and two blank pop-up books...we're planning to save one for Silas since he loves to write books so much. A picture of Byron working the puzzle with Josiah is included...unfortunately, Dad forgot to take the camera and get of picture during Melanie's visit, and Mommy was asleep so she couldn't help us remember. We also learned Josiah has a long way to go with some of his manners...he was so anxious to get back to the playroom that he basically waved goodbye to Melanie for most of 20 minutes...ugh!

On Josiah's 2nd trip to the play room, several members of the Cincinnati hockey team were visiting. We don't think Josiah knows anything about hockey and he certainly didn't know who these guys were, but they thought he was so cute and ended up playing Wii with him for a while.

A nurse came in to take Josiah's temperature just now and reminded me of two funny-but-not-really-so-funny stories we've not shared with most of you yet. We've always been careful with Josiah's health, especially during flu/cold season, but we've been especially vigilant the past few months before his surgery...keeping him away from large groups of kids and sick individuals, lots of hand washing and hand sanitizer, etc. Story 1: The day before his surgery, we were at the Cincinnati Children's Museum (a huge former train station that's an amazing place, if you ever get the chance to go)...I took him in the restroom...usually he stands to the side and waits for me...when I looked over at him this time, he was playing with the urinal mint in the urinal next to me...disgusting, right? Not as bad as: Story 2: When they check vitals, the nurses use a digital thermometer...it has two probes, a blue one and a red one. Each is covered with a hard plastic sleeve that is disposed of after each use. The other day a nurse set it on his bed while she did something else...when I looked over, curious Josiah had pulled one of the probes out and was putting it in his mouth...was it the blue (oral) one? No. Was it the red (non-oral...use your imagination) one that the nurses always say not to touch? Yep. The nurse quickly reminded us they always throw away used plastic sleeves as soon as their used and that they wash the probes...we know, but still disgusting. Moral of this story: Even though we were as wise and careful as possible in protecting him from germs leading up to this surgery, God made sure Josiah stayed healthy, as there's no telling how many disgusting things he's done that we never saw or knew about...after all, he is a 5-year old boy...

Changing to a much more pleasant subject, tomorrow morning is Josiah's next bronch. All along the doctors have said we'll gain much more information from this one than the one last week, as Josiah's airway has had more time to heal. It's at 9:45AM EST and should be pretty quick...the doctors are expecting to see good things, and their hope is to discharge us to RMH on Thursday. Although bronch's are usually outpatient procedures for us, due to only 2 weeks since his surgery and the fact that his issues last week started the night following his bronch, they want to keep him in the hospital under medical supervision for at least 1 more night. Hopefully we'll get to move to RMH on Thursday and stay there until after next bronch on Wednesday, 12/16 (Shelly's birthday, by the way). As for me, my return home originally scheduled for Thursday, 12/11 will likely get postponed to Friday or Saturday.

FYI, Silas flew from FL to Albuquerque today...due to a large snowstorm in Colorado, his Papa B can't pick him up until tomorrow, so he's staying with his Aunt Laura, Uncle Fred, and cousins in ABQ tonight. His Nana said he had a great time in FL but was ready for his next adventure today...what a great kid! We are so happy he's having a great time, but we miss him like crazy...I'm looking forward to our reunion at the ABQ airport early the morning of 12/17 when he and I fly to a family wedding in SC. This is the same day Shelly and Josiah will fly from Cincy back home...we'll all be reunited as a family on 12/22, a full month since our departures on 11/23. We ready to be together again!

We'll update after the bronch tomorrow! Thanks for checking on us and praying for us!

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