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Saturday, November 28, 2009

More progress for Josiah...and big news on the adoption front!

Josiah continues to make progress. He no longer has a bandage on his neck, he is completely off of oxygen, and the drain tube from his neck was removed this morning. On the flip side, he's getting more and more fidgety and it's getting more difficult to keep him entertained.
Today was filled with more books, movies, listening to Silas read a book over the phone, listening to Aunt Chabba read a book over the phone, listening for a 2nd time to a story recorded by Glorieta intern Mindy, watching Dad put together two Lego Christmas ornaments, 2 wagon rides, computer games, ...and it was still a challenge. He was more grumpy today and showed even more frustration/fear than usual when medical staff had to do things with him. Without a doubt, his least favorite thing is being suctioned through his nose tube. Second least favorite thing is probably having new IVs installed, although he actually did pretty well with the one tonight. Although there are fewer tubes attached to him than at one time, the IV sites must periodically be changed.

Shelly and I continue to tag-team our time with him (particularly the nights), although all 3 of us are frequently in the room during the day. Typically whoever stays overnight with him doesn't get much sleep, and then returns to the RMH for a nap the next morning. We are both getting to exercise each day, which helps relieve stress and gives us an opportunity to get out of the hospital.

Summary: We continue to make progress, pray that the grafts will work, and look forward to his bronch on Wednesday and possible down-sizing of his nose tube at that point.

Probably the best news of the day: We received an email from our Power of Attorney in Rwanda with an attachment of our letter of approval from the Rwanda Ministry! This was the next step for which we were waiting in the adoption process, and now we'll be waiting for the actual referrals. Timeline for others ahead has typically been 1-3 months to receive the referral...not sure when it will happen for us, but we're sure looking forward to it!

Thanks for checking in on us and your continued prayer support!

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