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Friday, November 27, 2009

Post-Op Day 2

Josiah continues to improve today. Last night he slept until about 3:45 AM and was then wide awake as the medical staff worked with him. He is fully off the vent now, just receiving a small amount of humidified oxygen. He foot IV is gone (still has one in his hand), his catheter is gone (didn't watch that removal), the drain tube in his side is gone (the one in his neck will likely be removed tomorrow),...all of these are good signs of his recovery. He certainly isn't acting normal yet, but we see glimpses of his personality emerging. No smiles (we think it hurts him), but he's actually reverted to the sign language he learned years ago before he could talk in order to communicate with us. He's eaten some crushed ice, taken two rides today around the PICU in a wagon (see attached pic), quacked at a nurse when she showed him her toy duck, given thumbs up several times,...he's getting there. Still in some pain and discomfort...has just now (5PM) drifted off for a little nap after having been awake since 3:45AM this morning.

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