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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ready to Go To Cincy

Below is the post Shelly put on www.caringbridge.org/visit/josiahsnead earlier today...we'll try to keep both that site and this blog updated while we're gone, and will likely sometimes copy one entry from another:

We're off to see the "wizard(s)"!..............

We'll be leaving early tomorrow morning to catch our plane to Cinncinati, Ohio for Josiah's airway reconstruction! YIPEE!!!!!!

His procedures are as follows: this Wed., Nov. 25 (probably starting around 9:00am). This is the official surgery which is estimated to take around 5 hours. He will most likely be sedated for a time afterward (a day or 2....we're not really sure) and on a ventilator. Josiah doesn't really have a clue who rough the next couple of weeks are going to be....so pray for his recovery and emotions as well.

Then he'll be in ICU until Dec. 2, when they'll do a scope/bronchoscopy (while he's under anesthesia) to check things out. If everything goes well, he'll then be put in a regular peds room in the hospital, with another follow-up scope on Dec. 9. Finally, he'll be released from the hospital where we'll stay with some friends for the following week until his last bronch on Dec. 16. If everything is in order, we'll come home on Dec. 17.

Shelly's mom flew in last night and will be flying Silas to Florida where he will spend to incredible weeks with her, and all his cousins, uncles and aunt on my side of the family...Nana will then fly him to his other grandmother's where he'll have another incredible week at the "Butler Farm" and spend time with Papa B, Mamoo and other friends and family.

Lastly, Art and Silas will fly to South Carolina for cousin Corrie's wedding, along with a tirp to see Grandpapa and Grandma Linda. As you can see, Silas is DEFINITELY going to have an amazing holiday season, for which we are VERY thankful. (I asked him yesterday how much he was going to think about me, and he answered very kindly but honestly, "well, probably not much because I'll be pretty busy".....but that, too is a blessing, isn't it?

Well, we sure appreciate your thoughts prayers and journal entries (we read them all to Josiah and he appreciates them too!) We'll try to update pretty regularly starting Wednesday evening......Its all in His good hands...

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