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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Referral Day for Several Adoptive Families

When I checked my email this morning, I saw something I've been looking for the past few weeks: Referrals began coming in from Rwanda for a group of adoptive families. I can only imagine the incredible joy those families are experiencing as they look at the pictures of the Rwandan children who will soon become part of their families. I am happy for them, and I'm also eager for the day that we receive our referrals. To put names and faces with "our little sisters in Rwanda", which is how we typically refer to the girls when we're praying for them, talking about them while seated at our dinner table, or when Silas and Josiah go into "our little sisters' room" to play...that will be amazing.

In the meantime we continue to learn all we can about the wonderful country of Rwanda via books, films, blogs, people who've visited...we've even downloaded mp3 files to help us better learn the Kinyarwandan language (still have a ways to go in this area, but I'm trying). It's amazing what God is doing in this small but special African country...for just a glimpse, check out the documentary "As We Forgive" and/or the book of the same name (both, by the way, written/created by Furman University alums...go Paladins!).

In the meantime, only 2 weeks until Josiah's surgery! We're doing what we can to keep him free from sickness while still allowing him to be a 5-year old boy...his birthday party last Saturday was a lot of fun. Tonight as we prepared to change his trach (typically a weekly event), Shelly told him this was one of the last trach changes he'd ever have...I honestly hadn't thought of it in those terms before. While hosting the interns for dinner last night, we showed them pictures of Josiah as a baby and a diaper like the ones he wore in the NICU (it's tiny, but it used to swallow him)...how far he has come, and how faithful God has shown Himself to be along the way. Only 2 more weeks!

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