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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the Eve

Great day with Josiah today. We went to the hospital for a short visit and lunch, and then headed to Cincinnati Children's Museum (free tix and free shuttle provided by the hospital). We'd considered the zoo but we went there on our trip in Sept. and it was a bit rainy today. A huge, old train station houses several museums (Natural History, Children's Museum, etc.) here...was neat to see how this structure has been transformed from a busy transportation hub many years ago to a museum today. We had a great time with Josiah, and he enjoyed the water activities exhibit, an exhibit called Energy in Motion, and, of course, the Thomas the Tank Engine play table they had.

Tonight we had dinner and now he's in bed. We're hoping to all get a good night's rest, as tomorrow will be a long (although good) day and the last 2 nights have been rough...short sleep 2 nights ago as we had to leave so early for the airport, and last night none of us got much good sleep because Josiah was congested (so lots of suctioning, patting his back, getting him back to sleep, alarms, etc.). The great news is that he doesn't seem to be getting sick, so we're not sure what happened last night.

We also received a schedule for tomorrow...all times are Eastern. We'll arrive at hospital at 7:15AM, surgery is at 9:15 AM and scheduled for 5 hours. During the surgery, Shelly will probably knit and I'll probably work/read in between all the praying and waiting. We're not sure what will unfold after the surgery (how quickly they'll wake him up, if one of us can stay in his ICU room with him, etc.), although we do expect him to be in some pain/discomfort. We'll try to provide updates when we can.

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